FARH 2019 Vuosikokous kuvaThis fall, the annual meeting was held in the Pokela Room, which easily accommodated the small number of attendees. Nevertheless, we had enough members present to exceed the quorum. We observed a moment of silence in remembrance of members who have passed away. During this summer, our Board had three members pass away: Heikki Vettenranta, Bertha Penttila, and MarjaLeena Suni.

Our Executive Director, Dan Benson, gave a report in which he addressed the current status of the Rest Home and the Nursing Home, as well as giving the Treasurer’s report.
At the moment, the Rest Home has 55 residents, but we are expecting the number of residents to grow to 60 by January 2020. The ECC survey went well, as usual. The Rest Home side has also made advances in electronic charting, which is now at 35%.

On the Nursing Home side, the census is 43 (out of a maximum of 45). The AHCA survey also went well, and we are expecting our overall star rating to climb to 2, or possibly even to 3 by the end of the year.

The generator-project, which was the result of the state requirements to maintain a certain temperature in a particular square foot area during a possible power outage after a hurricane, has passed inspections and is completed.

Our financial situation was shown in graphs, which compared the years 2017, 2018, and 2019. The Balance Sheet showed a steady climb from year to year. The Net Operating Income during the threeyear-period also showed steady improvement.

Our Executive Director stressed the importance of donations in our operation. Large donations are necessary for us to bring to reality our long-standing Memory Care Unit-project. In other words, we need capital in order to build the Memory Care Unit.

This expansion in our operations will enable us to grow our revenue, which will help us make the improvements and changes that our aged facility necessitates, as well as enabling us to modernize our operations. Also, the constant changes to regulations and to payments from the government necessitate growing our cash reserves.

We are hoping for contributions from our members, member organization, and the Finnish community. We are a well-managed and well-operated facility, and anyone can make a donation with confidence. We are well-positioned business-wise and we aspire to constantly improve.


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